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Sous-vide cooking: Cooking in a vacuum

Sous-vide cooking: Cooking in a vacuum
When cooking sous-vide is a modern method of cooking. The food is cooked in a vacuum with low temperature and thus obtain their natural flavor.
Special equipment: For the professional sous-vide cooking, you need equipment that can produce a vacuum and control the temperature accurately and consistently maintained. ( Vario Vac Optimus )
A so-called vacuum sealer sucks air out of the film, in which the food is placed and a Thermalisierer allows cooking at a certain temperature in a water bath. It controls a thermometer, the exact temperature. Temperature Range: One-cooked at low temperature between 50 and 90 degrees, usually for hours until days.
What can be cooked: Above all meat and fish cooked in a vacuum. One can also produce very good terrines and vegetables and eggs to cook.
Areas of application: At the moment, is sous vide primarily used in gourmet cooking and catering. Interestingly, the cooking system, by using of modern machines, is even for the meat industry. On the one hand, to stand out from competitors abut and provide quality food, on the other hand, the calculation of the produced products is interesting.


Wudu, a patented shower process

Permanently increasing costs for water and sewage have caused many businesses to seek possibilities to reduce water consumption. We’ve developed a new system, Wudu, a patented shower process that operates on the principle of evaporation.

The warm sausages , whether hanging or laying, are sprayed with a micro-fine mist from high pressure atomiser jets which move up and down on a frame in which they’re integrated. Because mist offers a much larger surface area than water, evaporation occurs.The heat energy is drawn from the sausage by this method and it is cooled with a minimum of water use. You save until 95 % in comparison with current systems.

Special equipment: Wudu with preservatives dosage. Through the low water use, we’re in a position to continuously add preservatives. In the final shower, the preservative is added via a sinter candle and a mixing chamber through a micro-filter. The dosage is regulated from measurement of the pH value.


Hygiene: Longer shelf life with clean air

A clean  production  environment is guaranteed by a cleverly devised system for routing  the air flow,  an  arrangement  based  on  high - quality submicron  particulate  air  filters  that  trap the smallest  particles  and  micro - organisms.

Disinfection of air and surfaces by UV-C radiation and ozone

While UV-C radiation kills only the directly irradiated microorganisms in the air, an effective disinfection of surfaces, e.g. in production plants, refrigeration and storage facilities as well as the air is possible with the combined use of UV-C radiation and ozone, which can directly be irradiated.