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Ar Jūs turite į dešinę ar į kairę besisukantį kimštuvą - susijusį su bioenergija?

Ar tai svarbu?
Galima įsigyti į kairę besisukantį kimštuvą.

Ilgas pauzes tarp gamybos etapus ir tolesnio apdorojimo, į kairę, besisukantį kimštuvą. atšaukti naudingą energiją iš parengties cuttered produkto, skirtingos kokybės ir energijos lygį. Kairysis besisukantį dešrų produktai yra gaminami su mažiau energijos.

Our healthy somatic cells work with 7.000 - 8.000 Bovis energy units (BU). If our somatic cells loose energy, our body becomes weak.
If sausage products loose energy and the quantity of energy units falls below 3.000 BU, they soon and sure get spoiled.
Left turning blanched sausages are produced with approx. 4.000 BU, left turning ripening raw sausages are produced with approx. 5.800 BU. Only food products with more than 7.500 BU supply fresh and new units to our body.
You can find the energy difference between blanched and raw sausages in the primary products bacon with approx. 9.500 BU and drinking water (ice) with approx. 1.200 BU. If bacon gets reduced in a product, the energy level and barriers against germs are also reduced. If drinking water is added to the product (approx. 20 - 25 %), the energy level is reduced. The natural germ barriers in the sausage meat thereby changes dramatically.
Counter-example to drinking water: Vitalized, made right spinning drinking water has an energy level of approx. 9.800 BU!
Your new dimensions in sausage meat - with right spinning filling machines.
In the booming health market - in which we can be found since 2001 and the coming decades, for sure - new and pleasant products and production methods will change the market and business in a positive way.
Fine sausage meat, processed in a right spinning FREY high energy filling machine, has importantly higher energy potential; e.g. blanched sausage has approx. 16.500 BU and raw sausage has approx. 21.500 BU. Therefore it has a finer aroma and keeps fresh much longer, has less air and less acids or bitter constituents in the product. The product has a strongly improved structure and consistency.
The resulting quality improvement over all is more than 3 imes higher, compared to a production with a conventional, left spinning production method.
The target is to positively influence the sausage meat with energy, reaching or massive improving following properties, traceable:
• orientation of the product to right spinning property
• better colour stability
• longer freshness
• enhancement of flavour with an emphatic aroma
• fewer bitter constituents and acids
• fewer air in product, but more finesse and shininess
• more energy and freshness
• better structure of water, stability with teeth and more homogenous meat in the final product
• fewer electromagnetic pollution in the product
• less abrasion of the filling machine

Experiences of butchery Webers, Hemer
Family Webers can look back on 100 years of existence, while they could develop their butcher's shop with a lot of engagement into a flagship store, manufacturing prime quality products. Just in the fifth generation, much more than only "Sauerland" products are produced, which are known far over the borders of Hemer (Sauerland).

Besides the traditional meat and ham specialities, also tasty sausage products and fancy foods belong to their range of products. Canned food is highly demanded and is despatched worldwide thanks to the internet.

Repeatedly they took and still take part at the European mastership of butchers and they often have been one of the winners.

Heinrich Frey Maschinenbau GmbH could win over Mister Andreas Webers as main customer of the BIO-ENERGY-TECHNOLOGY. Amazing, but reproducible results could just be obtained.

The advantages of the BIO-ENERGY-TECHNOLOGY in Frey sausage stuffers with the Natursteiger equipment

For producing sausage products fewer salt is required, the remarkable tasty spice of salts is withdrawn. Also the concentration of nitrite can be reduced.
Bitter constituents and acids of the meat can importantly be reduced, so that a fine, real and pure taste is developed without any adverse effects.

The colour development (becoming red) is done 50 % faster, the colour of the products is better and longer stable.

The water binding is importantly improved and the drying process of sausages in natural casings is delayed. Nearly no liquid exit of vacuum packed products. The loss of weight due to cooking, smoking and cooling is reduced.
More original weight of the product keeps available for sale, which increases the profit with the same effort of work.

The durability and freshness of the sausage products are importantly increased, also of vacuum packed products.

By preparing the fryers on the grill and in the pan, it is remarkable, that the sausages do not scorch or get black. So they can stay longer on the grill. The optics of the fryers is and remains remarkable.

General experiences with the Natursteiger technology

The slices of ham for preparing toasts are mor compact, meat in cans is more delicate.


Finally as interim result we can say, that in spite of reducing additives, sausage products of more noticeable freshness can be produced, which gain high acceptance of health-conscious customers, thanks to a fine and pure taste.

Frey filling machines with BIO-ENERGY-TECHNOLOGY by Natursteiger offer an alternative to stand out from the competitors, especialyy the competition between small butcher shops and trade chains.